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Karl Dorcelian, Zachariah Mayo, Fakhri Alameri, Elton Mensah-Selby, Borkowski, ENT466: Electrical Design II
Faculty Mentor(s): Professor Ilya Grinberg, Engineering Technology, Professor Mike Haake, Kaman Automation, Steve Klein, Kaman Automation

Industry 4.0 and IoT are new strategies that changed and upgraded the way we interact with digital technology throughout the industrial and manufacturing world. The project aims to use an IoT/Industry 4.0 demonstration to launch a pilot study to make an easy and efficient data exchange, provide accurate information through potential manufacturing technologies, solar/wind technology and/or other useful machinery. In this context, Industry 4.0 is also known as the fourth industrial revolution, which integrates industrial practices and traditional manufacturing with the use of modern-day smart technology. IoT (Internet of Things), is a network of physical objects integrating sensors, software, and other advanced technologies that allows data exchange with many other devices and systems over the Internet. The approach being used in the project is to connect Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) and motor drive connected to the Ethernet. The Ethernet acquires data from the PLC and send the data to Blue Open Studio (BOS) and MGuard. Through BOS, reports and motor operation logs, are created based on the data from the PLC acquired through the Ethernet. The MGuard Cloud serves as a highly secured web-based service for instant remote access and transfer of information to Machine Advisor. The result of a successful build with this project is to accurate data output of a wind-powered generator, solar output data, and/or output data from a hydro-powered generator. Another outcome of the successful project is to monitor electric machines data anywhere in the world via Secure Phoenix Connection Device.

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