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Som Dhital, Jose Rodriguez, Prem Kafley, Dylan Woodling, ENT466: Electrical Design II
Faculty Mentor(s): Professor Ilya Grinberg, Engineering Technology, Professor Ken Pokigo, Engineering Technology, Professor Darold Wobschall, Engineering Technology

This project utilizes two ultrasonic sensors: HCSR04 and an Arduino UNO microcontroller. The two ultrasonic sensors are connected to the Arduino UNO, and from there to the computer. A computer code is sent to the Arduino to interface with the sensors. These sensors detect a gesture by a person's hand and have a reaction on the computer. Such reactions may include adjusting volume controls, or changing slides on Microsoft PowerPoint. Our research may potentially be developed to limit the amount of person-to-surface contact and reduce the spread of viruses. Another purpose for this project may benefit the elderly, or persons with disabilities, who may experience difficulty adjusting volume controls, scrolling on a web browser, or playing/pausing a video. The ultrasonic sensors can only sense distances, therefore, a method has been developed to detect the different gestures in addition to distance to the object.

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Hand Gestures Sensor
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