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Sydney Watters



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Sydney Watters, HTR318: Cultural Tourism
Faculty Mentor(s): Professor Kathleen O'Brien, Hospitality and Tourism

Africa is known for its beautiful scenery and wildlife and for me this is a “must go” on my travel “bucket” list. Tourism is a key driver in South Africa's economy. Not only does tourism create many jobs for the host community, but it allows for the sharing of rich African history and culture with travelers from all over the world. Summertime is a popular time of year to visit the country, with people flocking to most beautiful beaches and enjoying outdoor activities. Other reasons people travel to South Africa is for college studies. Students make up a significant percentage of travelers to the country each year. My research focuses on why tourism is important to the African people who make up the host community. I also discuss the most traveled places in South Africa and compare them to destinations that are less popular. Finally, I report on the effect tourism has on the economy and how it changes residents' lives, and document negative impacts on the environment. I am excited to explore the factors that make South Africa such a unique destination.

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Life Without Tourism in South Africa
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