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Jennifer Duarte-Portillo, FTT451: Senior Project in Fashion and Textile Technology
Faculty Mentor(s): Professor Ali Eagen, Fashion and Textile Technology

The RUNWAY theme for my senior project is History Retailored with an emphasis on black designers. Black designers have shaped the way for fashion just as much as other designers, with much less recognition for their amazing and talented work. After looking into many designers for this collection, one made a connection with me: Zelda Barbour Wynn Valdes, who created the iconic Playboy Bunny costume. This costume was important to the female revolution where women began to reclaim their independence and the power of their sexuality. In many ways, Playboy gave women a new perspective and the ability to choose what made them feel sexy. It gave them a way to show how a woman can love herself and her body. It allowed women to show who they are in their bodies and be appreciated for it. Unfortunately, most people don't know who made this costume that has influenced so much fashion and women. Valdes also created dresses and fashion for singers without proper recognition for her talent. My collection modernizes aspects of her style with WGSN's S/S22 trend of euphoric along with the color palette. Design methods that I use for this collection include paneling and boning, to give them the style in which Zelda Barbour Wynn Valdes made the bunny suit.

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Eyes on Me: A Collection Inspired by the Creator of the Iconic Playboy Bunny Costume
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