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Elizabeth Acevedo, FTT451: Senior Project in Fashion and Textile Technology
Faculty Mentor(s): Professor Ali Eagen, Fashion and Textile Technology

The intent of my senior collection is to highlight and showcase the talent and passion of black designers who historically have been overlooked in the fashion industry. For far too long, the accomplishments of non-white designers have been pushed to the wayside. And in a modern society that aims to uplift our young women, we often forget about those who have come before us. My biggest inspiration for my collection was Anne Cole Lowe, an African American designer whose work was a favorite among high society matrons from the 1920 to 1960s. Best known for creating Jackie Kennedy's wedding dress, her feminine silhouettes and eye for detail became a staple among high society. My collection, In Bloom, works to modernize Lowe's designs and silhouettes while introducing them to an entirely new generation of consumers. In the fashion industry, it is important to constantly be moving forward. However, it is also important to reflect on our past, especially our mistakes. With the help of WGSNs womenswear forecast S/S 22: Resourceful, paired with the inspirations from Anne Lowe's work, I hope to take a step towards the future with a hyper-feminine line showcasing the beauty of natural colors. I strongly believe that like a flower, every woman deserves her chance in the sun. Through my collection, I hope to inspire others to look deeper into our industry's history and uplift those who moved mountains for us. To complete this project, I researched sewing to produce a clothing collection based on my inspiration.

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In Bloom: A Runway Collection
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