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Ni Sung



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Ni Sung, FTT451: Senior Project in Fashion and Textile Technology
Faculty Mentor(s): Professor Ali Eagen, Fashion and Textile Technology

If people ask the most important thing I learned from majoring in Fashion and Textile Technology, I will proudly say addressing the negative impacts of the fashion industry on the planet through sustainability practices. I had no idea how much the fashion industry could impact our environment and social lives. I thought fashion only makes us beautiful, but I was wrong. Being mindful and conscious about what we wear is more beautiful. For my senior collection, I created a collection promoting sustainability and eco-friendly designs. I designed simple silhouettes that can be worn multiple times or mix-and-match with other garment silhouettes. I tried to use minimal fabrics to eliminate fabric wastes and have chosen natural fibers for most of my garment pieces in order to avoid synthetic fibers manufactured with chemicals. The fabrics are expensive, but I invested in them because I know that if fashion brands continue to choose cheaper fabrics and labor and avoid sustainability, nothing will really change. I thrifted some fabrics and am excited to use them for my designs. The most challenging part of this project was making design patterns. My pattern-making class was moved online like many others after the pandemic hit. It wasn't easy to learn this skill virtually, and I relied increasingly on textbooks and virtual tutorials for pattern-making guidelines. I plan to include the journey of this collection and the final garments in my presentation.

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Consciousness is a New Beauty
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