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Jasmine Selapack, FTT451: Senior Project in Fashion and Textile Technology
Faculty Mentor(s): Professor Ali Eagen, Fashion and Textile Technology

The theme for RUNWAY and my collection is Retailoring History -- not changing it -- showcased by embracing black designers from the past and present who have been overlooked. I focused my collection on designs by Ann Lowe from the 1960's. She had been sewing since she could thread a needle, and often included large flower embellishments on her gowns. I incorporate floral embroidery and chiffon overlays to my lingerie designs to represent the floral accents on Ann Lowe's gowns. Ann Lowe was often known as society's best-kept secret because of her skin color, but is now known for designing Jacqueline Bouvier's wedding dress. The intent of my collection is to bring attention to designers of color who usually go uncredited for their hard work, and to encourage more inclusivity in the fashion industry. WGSN's Spring/Summer 2022 Forecast: Connected relates to the theme by showing how we all have some form of connection which can be used to create a more united world. My collection consists of a variety of chiffon, organza, velvet, and satin fabrics in a variety of pastel colors from the Connected forecast. My presentation includes pictures of collection pieces and my mood board used for inspiration. I discuss the silhouettes and how my collection brings awareness to Ann Lowe's work while maintaining my own design aesthetic.

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Revitalize and Reimagine: Modernization of Ann Lowe's Signature Gowns
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