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Kiara Woodruff



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Kiara Woodruff, HTR318: Cultural Tourism
Faculty Mentor(s): Professor Kathleen O'Brien, Hospitality and Tourism

Global warming is affecting the world around us. The countries we love to visit and depend on for our travel experiences will be taking the biggest hit since travel has become more affordable and carbon emissions have increased. This trend is likely to continue as the demand for travel increases. My research focuses on identifying the names of popular destinations that depend on tourism for economic prosperity. I link the discussion to the issue of global warming to understand how the economy and preservation of landscapes are affected. Currently, studies indicate that tropical islands are at the biggest risk of environmental degradation due to global warming. My project concludes with recommendations for how tourists and businesses can minimize impacts of global warming. If we want to continue travelling to our favorite destinations, we need to begin making significant changes in carbon emissions. The rising sea levels or damaged infrastructure is a problem everyone should be concerned about. As I advance my goals of becoming a professional in the field, I will pursue information which leads to preservation of these tourist destinations. Hospitality professionals and all citizens are witnesses to the serious effects of global warming over recent years. If we want to save our tourist destinations, we need to be agents of change.

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Global Warming: How Will It Affect Your Favorite Destination?
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