Xinyi Mo



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Xinyi Mo, Graphic Design
Faculty Mentor(s): Professor Susan Maguire, Anthropology, Professor Lisa Marie Anselmi, Anthropology

During fall 2020, Emily Cendrowski and I received Early Undergraduate Research Opportunity [EURO] awards to design a manuscript layout for an edited volume on New York State Archaeology with Buffalo State professors Susan Maguire, Ph.D. and Lisa Marie Anselmi, Ph.D. Using Adobe Photoshop and InDesign, we worked together to create a template for layouts for each chapter of the book. Specifically, the layout process involved inserting and formatting the final text and images, which will subsequently be reviewed and revised in Adobe Photoshop prior to publication. Through creative problem-solving, it was possible to attempt a variety of possibilities to explore which would be the most visually appealing and professional in appearance. This project gave us both the opportunity to better understand the fields of anthropology and book publishing.

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Book Layout Design with Adobe Creative Suite: Designing an Archaeology Manuscript
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