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Jaclyn Chuchanis, Graphic Design
Faculty Mentor(s): Professor Emerita Carol A. Townsend, Art & Design, Professor Robert J. Warren, Biology, Dr. Susan A. McCartney, Small Business Development Center

The main objective of this project was to enhance awareness of our region's urban ecology. My part in this collaborative real-world experience began with a request for illustrating and designing a publication for Buffalo State's Maud Gordon Holmes Arboretum. The project commenced with a Special Project during spring 2020 and was concluded during a 2020 Undergraduate Summer Research Fellowship. I constructed thirty-four illustrations, for which initial research was done in the Eckert Herbarium. Sketches and on-site photographs were brought into the Adobe Design Suite for manipulation. Along with creating graphs for ecological impact, I designed and laid out sixty-two pages. The result is a professionally printed softcover book, supported by the Friends of the Buffalo State Maud Gordon Holmes Arboretum, entitled The Street Life of Trees: An Urban Guide.

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The Street Life of Trees: An Urban Guide
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