Undergraduate Summer Research Fellowship Program
Jennifer Briones


Jennifer Briones



The Loot of the Land: Mapping Out the Relationship Between Natural Resources and Sexual Violence

Jennifer Briones, International Relations
Faculty Mentor: Professor Kyeonghi Baek, Political Science

Jennifer is a senior in International Relations expecting to graduate in spring 2020. Throughout her time at Buffalo State, has maintained an interest in researching sexual violence in international conflict. Jennifer recognizes faculty mentors Dr. Kyeonghi Baek and Dr. Mehwish Sarwari as inspirations throughout her undergraduate career, and intends to pursue a Ph.D. in Political Science at Michigan State University in the hope of inspiring future undergraduate students herself.

During the fellowship, Jennifer also researched natural resource presence and its impact on impacted sexual violence throughout conflict. She delved into the field of Africana Studies by incorporating natural resources as a potential causal mechanism of conflict in Africa, using the Democratic Republic of Congo as a case study. Jennifer presented on a panel at the 44th annual National Council for Black Studies (NCBS) conference in Atlanta, and was accepted to present at the 2020 International Studies Association (ISA) annual conference in Honolulu.

Jennifer Briones