Undergraduate Summer Research Fellowship Program
Taylor Seymour


Taylor Seymour


Taylor Seymour



The Lyceum Project

Taylor Seymour, Philosophy
Faculty Mentor: Professor John Torrey, Philosophy

Taylor is a senior in philosophy and English expecting to graduate in spring 2020. She has been interested in pursuing law, specifically family law, in order to help young children. After graduation, she plans to pursue a J.D. degree and aspires to practice law for the benefit of children.

During her fellowship, Taylor created a week-long philosophy summer camp program designed to expose pre-college students to tools, problems, and concepts in philosophy, based on a “learner-centered” teaching method. During the course of the program, she observed the benefits and issues with this method of teaching, in addition to focusing on which philosophical material the students gravitated to the most. She found the students participated enthusiastically in all aspects of the program, but seemed specifically interested in ethics, which helped them form their own beliefs and have a better understanding of others.

Taylor Seymour