Undergraduate Summer Research Fellowship Program
Ryan Tetreault


Ryan Tetreault


Ryan Tetreault



A Comparison of Work and Manager Preferences Held by College Students

Ryan Tetreault, PSY 496: Honors Thesis I
Faculty Mentor: Professor Robert Delprino, Psychology

Ryan is a senior Psychology major who is graduating in spring 2020. After graduation, he plans to pursue his interest in the overlap between psychological theory and business in graduate school. He aspires to a career in business consulting, where his knowledge in psychology can be applied in areas such as organizational behavior, business strategy, and management.

The fellowship afforded Ryan the opportunity to create a research-based survey that measured the work and manager preferences held by students and employees. Following an in-depth literature review and survey development, he recruited students at Buffalo State as subjects for data collection and analysis of comparative responses based on academic major. A significant finding was that inadequate feelings of connection at college were related to reports of dissatisfaction with life. Ryan’s research results were accepted for presentation at the annual Eastern Psychological Association (EPA) conference, which will take place digitally in June 2020.

Ryan Tetreault