Undergraduate Summer Research Fellowship Program
Michael Grey


Michael Grey


Michael Grey



Studies of Mn4Ta2O9 Thin Films Deposited by Magnetron Sputtering

Michael Grey, Physics
Faculty Mentor: Professor Ram Rai, Physics

Michael is a junior in physics and is expecting to graduate in the Spring of 2021. After graduation, he plans to pursue a graduate degree in physics or applied physics. This summer, Michael will be applying for an internship at CERN in Switzerland. Following completion of his graduate degree, he hopes to either work for NASA or at CERN with their Large Hadron Collider, which holds his interest.

During his fellowship, Michael synthesized Mn4Ta2O9 and deposited thin films from the synthesized compound. These thin films were found to have an antiferromagnetic transition temperature at approximately 137 K, which is higher than the expected temperature of approximately 102 K. Due to only containing ~40% Mn4Ta2O9 within the compound, it is possible that either the multiple phases affected the transition temperature or the strain effect in the thin film. Michael also synthesized a 99% pure Mn4Nb2O9 compound. Future research will focus on improving the synthesis process to achieve ~99% purity of Mn4Ta2O9.

Michael Grey