Undergraduate Summer Research Fellowship Program
Adrianna Aviles


Adrianna Aviles


Adrianna Aviles



Cultural Rhetorics within the Field of Composition

Adrianna Aviles, Writing & Business Administration
Faculty Mentor: Professor Michele Ninacs, English

Adrianna is a senior pursuing a dual-degree: a Bachelor of Arts in Writing, a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing, and a minor in Literary Studies. After graduating in spring 2020, she will enter the M.A. program in Critical Studies in Literacy and Pedagogy at Michigan State University with an Academic Achievement Graduate Assistantships (AAGA) fellowship, which is awarded by MSU to 75 Masters or Ph.D. candidates throughout the institution. She plans to continue her studies in a Ph.D. program.

During her fellowship, Adrianna explored cultural rhetorics and its connection with language. As someone who has loved writing but not in the creative form, Adrianna was introduced to the field of Composition and Rhetorics by her advisor. As a Latina, she is aware that Standard American English practices can be both implicitly and explicitly racist and by extension can disenfranchise minority communities. Her study examined the role of cultural rhetorics and its association with writing pedagogy, by analyzing the responses of scholars in the field to a series of questions that asked them to consider the position of cultural rhetorics in relation to composition studies and pedagogies.

Adrianna Aviles