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How Automation Can Make Healthcare More Affordable


How Automation Can Make Healthcare More Affordable


Kailen Bittner



Kailen Bittner, PSC 399: Research Skills in Political Science
Faculty Mentor: Professor Kyeonghi Baek, Political Science

Automation has accelerated in recent years to improve and scale throughout its development. This research paper looks to investigate the changes automation is having on the economy and productivity. There are many fields in which increased automation will be useful. This paper focuses on three outcomes automation can create in healthcare: affordability, reliability, and reduction of cost. Automation can be used as a tool to assist doctors in making better decisions. This can contribute to a rise in overall quality of care while giving doctors back valuable time, which would be offset by automation. This will also create increased reliability by creating more positive replicable outcomes during treatment. Since automation could help by offloading work that doctors might often be stuck doing, efficiency will also increase. As automation in the medical field increases, this could give other medical professionals more detailed information to assist them in treating patients. This could in turn lower overall healthcare costs and bring more access to affordable healthcare for those who do not have access to healthcare. This research compiles groups of medical practices with automated data processing and compares them to practices without such processing. The expectation is that medical practices that use automated processing will be more efficient and more affordable.

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How Automation Can Make Healthcare More Affordable