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The Naturalization Process Across Different Administrations


The Naturalization Process Across Different Administrations


Anthony Janda



Anthony Janda, PSC 399: Research Skills in Political Science
Faculty Mentor: Professor Kyeonghi Baek, Political Science

America has often been referred to as the melting pot of the world. Immigration has always been the backbone of this country. However, since 9/11, Immigration has become one of the most widely debated topics in America. Our views in this country often fall along political lines. Does the Naturalization Process in our country change depending on what political party is in charge? Is there a push/pull effect on the data depending on the political party in charge? I seek to find out what the Naturalization Process looks like over multiple administrations in the United States. My research examines two Republican administrations (H.W. Bush and W. Bush) and two Democratic administrations (Clinton and Obama). These administrations provide an equal number of administrations pre- and post-9/11 with a balanced number of political parties being represented as well. My study variables are policy guidelines, executive orders, citizenship applications, citizenship approvals, wait times, and fees. Background research includes asylum, chain migration, visa lotteries, birthright citizenship, the 14th amendment, and immigration (legal and illegal). The arc of the data and policies over multiple presidencies is projected to accurately tell the real story of the Naturalization Process in America.

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The Naturalization Process Across Different Administrations