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Kymberlin Enright, PSY 499: Independent Study
Faculty Mentor: Professor Pamela Schuetze, Psychology

Developmental screenings are used for the early identification of young children for developmental delays or concerns. Although many screening tools are designed to be used by caregivers who are familiar with the child, in reality they are often completed by teachers or other professionals. To date, there is no information about the reliability between caregiver and professional ratings on widely-used developmental screening tools. Thus, the purpose of this study will be to examine inter-rater reliability for developmental screening of young children. Parents of the children at Buffalo State Child Care Center will be asked to screen their own children using the Ages and Stages Questionnaire. Buffalo State students who have been extensively trained will also screen the children separately to examine inter-rater reliability between the parents and trained administrators. A poster describing the study and results will be prepared to be shared at SRCC.

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The Agreement between Different Raters for a Developmental Screening Tool
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