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Brooke Federko



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Brooke Federko, HON 400: All College Honors Colloquium
Faculty Mentor: Professor Robert J. Warren, Biology

As a biology student, I have noticed many things about the education system, especially the way the sciences are taught. I have been inspired by some awesome educators to become one myself, and aspire to become a high-school biology teacher. Most kids are brought up through elementary and middle school with plenty of exposure to reading, spelling, multiplication and division, whereas most sciences, such as biology and physics, are neglected and aren’t touched on until later on in their educational career. With the number of career opportunities in any science, technology, engineering, or mathematical field (also known as STEM), teaching kids about this material at a younger age would benefit us as a society. Kids could find their niches earlier on, and subsequently take on apprenticeships or internships to get started on the career they want (or find they don’t want) to dedicate the next fifty or so years of their life to. In America, we tend to push high-schoolers into furthering their education and going to college. However, our high schools do a poor job at preparing kids to attend these institutions we urge them so strongly to attend. These young adults are just thrown into the real world, with no formal education on how to file and pay taxes, maintain a budget, or any other skill essential in our contemporary society. With aspirations of becoming an educator, I want to revolutionize the way we teach kids not just about STEM subject matter, but valuable life skills, as well.

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