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Sadira Brown



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Sadira Brown, SWK 499: International Social Work Research
Faculty Mentors: Professor Kimberley Zittel-Barr, Social Work and Professor Beth Tripi, Social Work

My research project was administered in Trinidad at the Naomi Chin Kit Memorial School, which is located in a small community. The topic that was discussed was anxiety: specifically, anxiety management. I selected this topic, because the community wanted to learn more about how to manage anxiety when experiencing it in their daily lives. The method I used to carry out the project was a verbal presentation, followed by a discussion activity and data collection. One common theme that emerged from my evaluation of the data collected was that participants were apprehensive about letting others know they experiencing anxiety. Another theme was that those with symptoms of anxiety at pre-test changed their answers post-test, after learning that the psychological symptoms they were experiencing were actually symptoms of anxiety, and that management techniques could be learned to address them.

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Managing Anxiety
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