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Kelly Steurrys



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Kelly Steurrys, NFS 330: Integrative and Functional Nutrition
Faculty Mentor: Professor Suk Oh, Nutrition and Dietetics

Mindful meditation has been used for years to reduce anxiety, stress and depression. Mindful meditation is an ancient spiritual practice that came from the eastern part of the world and is a component of Buddhism. There have been many studies that have shown that people who use this mediation have had reduced symptoms of anxiety, stress and/or depression. The main purpose of this type of meditation is to focus on one thing, then become mindful of the accompanying feelings and sensations. An example of this is focusing on your breath and how it feels breathing in and out while noticing how your abdomen moves as you breath. Just by focusing on your breath, you begin to relax. There are many different exercises a person can use to practice mindful meditation. Some exercise are even specific to what you want to use mindful meditation for. In my studies of mindful meditation, I have found there has been much success in the reduction of anxiety, stress, or depression. The purpose of this research is to observe the effects of mindful meditation on anxiety, stress, and depression. I use clinical studies that explain research performed through clinical trials, the different data collection methods employed, and corresponding results.

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Mindful Meditation for Mind, Body and Soul
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