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Alicia Scott



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Alicia Scott, SWK 499: International Social Work Research
Faculty Mentors: Professor Beth Tripi, Social Work and Professor Kimberly Zittel-Barr, Social Work

This study was designed as a qualitative interview study between the researcher and an expert from the Point Fortin, Trinidad community. The study was intended for the researcher to learn more about domestic violence in Point Fortin. This study aims to use information input from an expert to learn more about the experiences of community members experiencing domestic violence. According to Gopaul and Gain (1996), in the Caribbean and throughout the United States, most victims and their families do not report domestic violence when they are aware of it. Therefore, the majority of domestic violence cases are underreported to police, and victims often do not seek or receive support from social service agencies. During my qualitative interview in Trinidad, I learned that domestic violence was seldom addressed as an issue, and although government policies were in place and police were trained, law enforcement did not always follow through with proper procedures. My findings show that women often return to abusers, which is among the reasons that domestic violence is not being addressed sufficiently in Point Fortin. Research with more than one expert and in different parts of Trinidad would be expected to yield similar results.

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Domestic Violence in Point Fortin, Trinidad: Gathering Knowledge to Help Protect the Community
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