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Marissa Montroy, Daniel Jarzynka, Keitaya Taylor and Sayry Arzu, CWP 102: Argumentation and Research
Faculty Mentors: Professor Susan Mary Paige, Academic Success Program and Professor Jane E. Sullivan, College Writing Program

Marijuana, otherwise known as “weed,” is a natural psychoactive drug used for medical and recreational purposes. Marijuana consumption among young people is on the rise all over the world, particularly in America. There is evidence indicating that nearly a quarter of students who reach 12th grade have tried marijuana. The effectiveness and safety of marijuana has been highly scrutinized by doctors, researchers, and journalists, sparking a national debate over whether or not it should be legalized for all citizens. Those who argue against marijuana legalization claim that the drug can cause or worsen serious mental health problems such as depression, anxiety, and schizophrenia, in addition to a number of other adverse health effects. Those who argue for legalization say that cannabis is a completely safe and natural medicinal and recreational substance. This research project collected demographic data on first-year students’ academic standing in an urban four-year public college program compared with their marijuana usage. With prior IRB approval, we formed a participant sample of convenience of participants who (a) tried marijuana; (b) report the frequency of their usage; and (c) indicate the amount of the drug used consumed. A second group was comprised of first-year students who do not use. Our findings compare the group data with students’ current academic standing.

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Marijuana Usage as Related to Depression in Teenagers and Young Adults in the United States?
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