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Karly Glowny, EDU380: IPDS Italy
Faculty Mentor: Professor Pixita del Prado Hill, Elementary Education, Literacy, and Educational Leadership

My research project compares and contrasts teacher and student relationships in Chile, Italy, and the United States. Due to the USA’s relatively small class sizes, I hypothesize that teachers are more likely to build relationships with their students and create a warm and inviting classroom to adapt to each student’s needs. The goal is that the teacher works to make the classroom environment comfortable for each student. The teacher validates the student's life, culture, and experience, and school becomes a place in which the student's life and learning can coexist (Hoffman, 2018). The methods used in the research project were a literature review, data collection at a local school site in Western New York, and data collection in schools in Santiago, Chile and Torremaggiore, Italy during my time studying abroad. The data was collected by classroom observation and asking teachers in the three countries what they do to build relationships with students. Data was collected by classroom observation notes and recording teacher responses. The project focuses on the formal and informal interactions that take place between the teachers and students. As I observed, I used the findings to develop probing questions for the interview that will follow. My poster presentation will share relevant literature, findings, and implications for teachers.

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Student and Teacher Relationships in the USA, Chile, and Italy
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