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Lindsey Brzozowski, EDU 380: IPDS Italy
Faculty Mentor: Professor Sherri Weber, Elementary Education

This comparative research project takes a comprehensive look at the mathematics curriculum in both Italy and the United States (specifically, New York State). Before traveling to Italy, I often wondered how their school system would compare to ours in America. Having already completed research on mathematics anxiety, I was chiefly interested in their math curriculum, as it is a subject I am passionate about. The Common Core Mathematics Curriculum is an imperative resource for this study. Our curriculum is viewed side-by-side with theirs in order to gain a wide-ranging view of both countries’ mathematics instruction. While in Italy, I had the opportunity to observe mathematics instruction as well as view materials they use while teaching. Preliminary findings show that the mathematics curriculum in Italy is not all that different from the curriculum in the United States. As an educator, it is important to be aware of the techniques and procedures others use. Doing so will produce more effective teachers. The aim of this poster presentation is to shed light on the similarities and differences between mathematics curriculum, expectations, materials, and pedagogy in Italy and the United States.

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Mathematics Curriculum in Italy and the United States
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