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Andrew C. Sisson, HON 400: All College Honors Colloquium
Faculty Mentor: Professor Dianne S. McCarthy, Elementary Education

As a future educator, I have always been focused on the best teaching practices and methods that would lead to the most productive and efficient learning environment within the classroom. Dr. McCarthy and I expect to discover the importance of productive movement or activity throughout the day on students in terms of retaining information. We also expect to uncover how important movement is in the opinions of teachers. There are some students who only participate in physical activity during physical education at school, and those classes may be only once or twice a week. My initial thoughts are that even simple and focused movements and activities in classrooms can have positive effects on learning by increasing focus and retention. Is physical activity worth it for teachers to invest time out of their instructional period? Does it get kids ready and motivated to learn, or would it just be a waste of very limited and valuable time? From my experience, I feel much more productive and motivated after exercise. I feel that it is important to reach that mindset before attempting to learn to maximize educational growth. To research how this idea may or may not be used or valued within the educational community, I use a mixture of teacher surveys as well as uncovering previously published research studies.

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Teacher’s View of Physical Activity and Its Effects on Learning
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