A Special Ability: Autism at its Best


A Special Ability: Autism at its Best



Deliris Rodriguez, EDU 201: Introduction to Education
Faculty Mentor: Professor Sandra D. Washington-Copeland, Elementary Education

My project describes Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and is based on a review of the literature, but mainly my personal experiences with my two sons. Sharing my journey will give the reader an authentic illustration of what a person with ASD might look like through a unique lens. Have you ever been somewhere and saw a child screaming or crying? Some people would think that is caused by bad parenting, when there may be something else going on. I like to shift the paradigm and say that some individuals just have a special ability called autism. These super-smart individuals have unique ways of mastering different subjects like reading, writing or even figuring out difficult math problems faster than others. There are different types of symptoms and even different diagnoses. Autism may affect many aspects of an individual’s life. There is so much to learn about not only children but also adults. Adults and children socially distance themselves from society due to their different way of thinking. It makes it hard for families to communicate with them, since their brain development is so unique. With a rise in autism spectrum diagnosis, we all need to learn more about this disorder. My future research will focus on developing a case study to help educate others from the perspective of a caretaker.

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A Special Ability: Autism at its Best