Rakia Akter



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Rakia Akter, Childhood Education
Faculty Mentor: Professor Pixita del Prado Hill, School of Education

Buffalo is an important refugee resettlement area that has attracted people fleeing from many adversities across the globe. The Burmese who are in the midst of political and military turmoil in Myanmar are one of these groups. They have come to the Buffalo area in hopes of a better life for themselves. The Burmese people have become my neighbors, and their children will be my students as I plan to teach in the city of Buffalo. It is of utmost importance that I educate myself on their history and struggles, in order to learn how I can best serve the needs of those who have experienced trauma. My goals for this project were to: (1) learn more about the Burmese immigrant experience in Buffalo; and (2) develop a toolkit of resources to address the specific trauma that children from this group have experienced. My study began with a literature review of the impact of trauma on children and ways to build resilience. I then interviewed local experts from the Burmese community and teachers who work with Burmese children. My poster shares findings and a toolkit of effective practices.

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Tools to Foster Resilience for Burmese Students
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