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Joshua Bonilla and Roohullah Maqsoodi, ENT 422: Machine Design II
Faculty Mentor: Professor Jikai Du, Engineering Technology

Xylem Heat Transfer is a world leader in heat exchangers. The company makes a variety of heat exchangers such as Brazed plate, Gasket plate, and Shell and Tube. One of the company’s products is the RolAirTrol air-water separator. The RolAirtrol mechanism is designed to slow down velocity in a liquid system, to allow for air to rise out the system and solids to sink out of the system. Our project’s nozzle to flange fixture is designed to preform tack welding processes for changing size connections. The designs for Xylem’s newly developed air water separator has connections at the center and, as a result, the geometry of the nozzle needs to be modified when compared to the old system. Through our research and engineering design, we devised a variety of possible designs. We created drawings for the company to manufacture, assemble, and disassemble the fixture. Welding fixtures will be available in different sizes, shapes, materials, and mechanisms based on their operational need. The precision of the fixture plays a major role in manufacturing. The newly designed fixture should benefit the company tremendously, as there is currently no alternative fixture available.

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Nozzle Flange Connection Design
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