Computer Information Systems and Engineering Technology
Microcontroller-based Fluid Mixer

Microcontroller-based Fluid Mixer

Amariah Barton-Harris
Wissam Albofradi


Amariah Barton-Harris and Wissam Albofradi, ENT 466: Electrical Design 2
Faculty Mentor: Professor Stephanie Goldberg, Electrical Technology

Consumers typically measure out fluids manually and pour them into their fluid mixer. The more fluid volume a consumer desires to mix, the less precision and more time-consuming the procedure becomes. Our goal was to design and prototype a microcontroller-based automated mixer that will dispense precision quantities of each fluid, using a timed pumping method. Additionally, users will be able to upload unique fluid recipes to our mixing system. The prototype mixer will be pre-loaded with four different fluids and basic recipes. We were successful in designing an inexpensive product that can easily be used at home.