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Victoire Babwiriza and Nathan Moore, ENT 422: Machine Design II
Faculty Mentor: Professor Jikai Du, Engineering Technology

Xylem Inc., based in Cheektowaga, New York, is in the midst of perfecting multiple daily processes within their manufacturing department. The company tasked our design team with the following issue: How can we maximize the efficiency of the process of applying stop-off paint to various fixtures? The current process involves laying down fixtures on a table and using a paint roller to apply the stop-off application to each individual fixture one at a time. We studied various possible alternatives. Examining painting processes used at other companies gave us the idea to use an automated sprayer, because it possesses the ability of operation without human monitoring and has the capability of painting multiple fixtures at once. However, the solution we ultimately agreed upon is far more straightforward. We implemented the use of a handheld paint sprayer. While it will still require manual operation by a worker, it still has the benefits of an automated paint sprayer. When the fixtures are laid out, the paint sprayer has the ability to paint multiple fixtures at once, and the operator maintains total control over the stop-off distribution as well. Also, a process as simple as this will result in a much lower operational cost, as well as lower initial purchase costs. In order to maintain continuity, other items will be researched, designed, and purchased as well, such as a paint booth for ventilation purposes, and personal protective equipment for employees when operating the proposed system.

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Xylem Heat Transfers Manufacturing Coating Improvement Analysis
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