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Mohammed Alzuwayyid, CIS 494: Undergraduate Research in CIS
Faculty Mentor: Professor Sarbani Banerjee, Computer Information Systems

This research project focuses on analyzing datasets from Airbnb of New York City (NYC) to answer the following questions. Which hosts are the busiest and why? Is there any noticeable difference in Airbnb reservations in various areas of NYC, such as Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan, etc.? What are the factors that are attributable to that difference? Is there an increase in reservations between different seasons? What can we learn about different Airbnb hosts located in the NYC areas? This project was developed using Python programming language to do the cleaning, normalizing, visualizing, and analyzing of the dataset. Jupyter Notebook is used as IDE, as well as other libraries like Pandas and NumPy, Matplotib and GeoPandas. Furthermore, a website with HTML5 coding was developed to visually display the data and the map. The poster presentation describes areas of NYC where the busiest hosts are located and shows the reasons why guests select those hosts, alongside predictions and comparisons about the prices and locations. A website will be developed for this project to show the map of NYC with the places where most reservations are made. It will also allow users to explore various details such as reviews per month, prices, room types, and reasons for reservations about the hosts who are the busiest. This will help users make educated decisions about their choice of Airbnb hosts in NYC.

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Choose the Best Airbnb Host in NYC: A Geo-Visualization Project
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