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Bandar Almutairi, CIS 494: Undergraduate Research in CIS
Faculty Mentor: Professor Sarbani Banerjee, Computer Information Systems

The purpose of this research project was to design an electronic Order Application (App) system for Spot coffee at the Student Union located on the Buffalo State Campus. The coffee shop often has long queues of students during the morning hours and break times between classes. The large crowd of students gathers before and between classes; they have very little time to pay through the traditional cash register system, which is currently the only payment method available. This project projects automating the current ordering system and offer cashless payments to reduce the staff needed to take orders and payments. The project aims to develop an application for both Android and iOS smartphones so that students can order their coffee and make online payments. This project will also create an App for the coffee shop, through which the order can be processed by its staff. With this App, baristas will be able to visualize cumulative order requests and efficiently service the orders to their customers as they arrive. An “Order Ready” message will pop up on the screens of customers’ smartphones. This project will be expanded to create a website ordering system as well, with the payment system designed for PayPal and credit card payments.

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Skip the Line and Get Your Coffee on Time
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