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Thomas Wallen, Brandon Kohn, Farhanul Islam and Tre'Shon Black-Presley, ENT 466: Electrical Design II
Faculty Mentor: Professor Stephanie Goldberg, Engineering Technology

Our goal was to design and prototype a microcontroller-based system for the monitoring and control of temperature and humidity in a small-scale server room. Our team projected testing the prototype at a site in Alden High School. The environmental data was collected and displayed on a local LCD screen inside the server room as well as transmitted wirelessly to the internet. Control of the temperature and humidity was accomplished by a set of digitally controlled relays that activate appropriate AC appliances when conditions fall out of range. The focus of the project was to build a more cost-effective version of these monitoring systems for smaller scale server rooms. This cost-effective system will help companies save money, as well as help protect their assets. An Arduino microcontroller system drives the application programming to continuously monitor the humidity and temperature of a server room. This is accomplished by using a sensor module (DHT22) available for the Arduino, which displays environmental data on an LCD screen. The readings are available online, using a Wi-Fi module to transmit the readings to a website called ThingSpeak. The Arduino also controls the relay switches for outlets used by AC appliances, such as a dehumidifier and a cooling system to maintain environmental conditions.

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Server Room Environmental Monitoring and Control
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