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Steven Seekins and Michael Bishop, ENT 422: Machine Design II
Faculty Mentor: Professor Jikai Du, Engineering Technology

PCB Piezotronics is a leading manufacturer of piezoelectric quartz sensors, accelerometers, and their associated electronics designed for measurement of force, vibration, and dynamic pressure. Since their formation in 1967, PCB has enjoyed significant success, which has allowed them to expand their offerings to include piezoresistive and piezoceramic sensors. Our design project is intended to update and improve upon an existing screen printing fixture for piezoceramic sensors. PCB uses a device similar to a t-shirt screen printer to enable them to print a metallic piezoelectric slurry on to ceramic parts. The screen printer contains a fixture in which the ceramic part is loaded and allows the printing process to take place. The fixture in use is of a proprietary design, and is in disrepair. The new fixture must be designed to be easily replaceable, efficient, and operator-friendly. This project uses the topics of Machine Design I and II, Material Science and Testing, and Material Processing in the design of this fixture plate and inserts. Our project will be fabricated by PCB in-house, to increase the speed of completion of project and also decrease the potential cost of parts manufactured by a third-party machine shop. The redesign of this fixture is important to ensure that PCB is able to create a consistent product quickly and satisfy customer requirements.

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Ceramic Screen Printer Fixture Plate
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