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Kyle Montreal, Nick Celini, Colin Pelton, Rana Abdel-al and Janet Penwarden, ENT 466: Electrical Design
Faculty Mentor: Professor Ilya Grinberg, Engineering Technology

The MicroGrid Project is a legacy project, with our team being the third to work on it. At the beginning of the project, the grid was only partially operational, with only the diesel generator and the wind farm being operational. Throughout the year, we have added a two-house nanogrid, a variable dynamic load, and a battery system to the MicroGrid. We also began work on incorporating a NovaCore RTDS (Real-Time Digital Simulation) unit into the system; this unit allows for much more advanced and realistic simulation abilities. The MicroGrid model that this project represents is one that can be easily scaled up in such a way that researchers can test various scenarios, such as effects of intermittent renewable sources on stability of the systems. This is especially significant as the world continues to move away from fossil fuel generation and moves toward the “green” options that are increasingly available.

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