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Kyle Griffith-Clay and Michael Brignoni, ENT 422: Machine Design II
Faculty Mentor: Professor Jikai Du, Engineering Technology

F.S. Elliott a global leader in the engineering and manufacturing of centrifugal compressors with operations in over 90 countries. The company has dominated the industry that is responsible for manufacturing air and gas compressors over fifty years. F.S. Elliott's compressors achieve the best performance as a result of having the most recent system and aerodynamic technologies. An air compressor efficiently converts energy, utilizing a series of stages to compress and cool the air as it continuously flows through the unit. The purpose of this project was to change the water manifold on the company’s P300 compressor to a modular water manifold with integrated valves. The new modular water manifold should be cheaper, plus it will eliminate many connections that are prone to leaking and drastically lessen installation time. For this project, three design alternatives were considered. The computer-aided design Solidworks was used to run simulation to scientifically prove that a new design can function properly. The project goal was to create the best statistical design: a common header was designed/modeled and materials selected; stresses were examined with finite element analysis (FEA) technique; a cost analysis of old system v. new system was carried out. The finished design will be rapid-protoyped and recommendations will be created for its manufacture.

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Modular Water Manifold Design with Integrated Valves
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