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Jay Tracey, Michaela Reimers and Jason Rivera, CWP 102: Argumentation and Research
Faculty Mentors: Professor Jane E. Sullivan, College Writing Program and Professor Susan Mary Paige, Student Academic Programs

Human trafficking is an issue that is ubiquitous in human history. The matter of forced prostitution, sexual slavery, and exploitation have been exposed in the news, both in public and on the dark web, for years. Human trafficking, at its root, is a form of enslavement used to capture young women, children, and occasionally men. The traffickers do it simply to make money. They use the individuals they have enslaved in a variety of nefarious activities including, but not limited to, forced sexual activity, forced organ donation, and forced cheap or free labor. Though this is not a new problem in society, it remains a major issue. The realities reported by victims of human trafficking are both alarming and shocking. One problem in the war against human trafficking is the lack of awareness people have of the issue despite it occurring in their own backyards. Our research project investigates the level of awareness people in our community have. With prior IRB approval, we conducted surveys within a four-year urban public college asking a sample of convenience group, specifically those who are of legal voting age, how aware they are of the proximity and severity of the issue that is human trafficking. From our collected data, we can provide evidence that better education on the issue is needed as a first step to battling this atrocity.

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People Hurt People: The Terror and Torture Within Human Trafficking
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