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Jackie Chuchanis, DES 495: Total Design-Urban Tree Guide
Faculty Mentors: Professor Carol Townsend, Art & Design, Professor Robert J. Warren, Biology and Dr. Susan McCartney, Small Business Development Center

The main objective of this project is to enhance awareness of urban ecology in our region. To this end, I am working with a highly qualified team, ensuring the project’s integrity. My part in this collaborative real-world experience began with a request for illustrating and designing a publication for Buffalo State’s Maude Gordon Holmes Arboretum. There are thirty illustrations for which initial research was done in the Eckert Herbarium. I made sketches from specimens of the various shrubs and trees showcasing their identifying features. Additionally, I photographed on-site. These photographs and sketches were brought into Adobe Photoshop along with color toning. After adding color and contrast, I added filters to abstract the image. Then, I colorized each even more. I also was tasked with creating a graph for their ecological impact. The result will be a professionally printed fifty-six page bound book, for which I design the pre-publication layout.

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Arts and Humanities

The Street Life of Trees: An Urban Guide
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