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Sydney Bouthsavong, ALT 490: Senior Seminar
Faculty Mentors: Professor Joy Guarino, Theater and Professor Ann Emo, Theater

The purpose of theatrical makeup is to accentuate the actor's appearance and enhance the role of a character. Makeup can be one of the most essential devices in a production. It assists with indicating a situation and furthering the narrative of the story by adding detail and personality, which is crucial to storytelling. My research documented the process and steps that are necessary for a makeup artist to follow in order to create and design for theater and film productions. The purpose of the project is to guide future designers with finding their process and also to educate them on their role as part of a design team. My poster discusses the process of becoming a makeup designer and explains the standards in the industry. Because the makeup artist is part of a collaborative team, the project also documents the importance and value of clear communication within the group of people working together in order to tell the story and how the makeup artist executes their role within the plan to achieve a particular end result. The team effort includes researching the materials needed, going to meetings, communicating individual process of design, understanding the relationship between a director and several designers, previewing, and executing and finalizing a design. I interviewed other creative artists involved in this process to provide another perspective on the design process, offer a different view on the levels of collaboration with a team, and evaluate the impact on the final makeup design. The poster summarizes each step of my makeup design process and also includes photos from past performances to provide a visual aid and enhance the understanding of the step by step process.

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Arts and Humanities

The Makeup Design Process
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