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Lelia Spencer and Kent Botia, COM 495: Short Narrative Film Producing
Faculty Mentor: Professor Meg Knowles, Communication

Brayden Talks About Her Feelings is a 15-minute narrative film focused on Brayden, a college dance student struggling to come to terms with her previous romantic relationships. Research included a study of major films in the genre, resulting in an original script. The film was produced, shot and completed in the course of one semester. The film is inspired by and adopts the style of the “Mumblecore” film genre, popularized starting around 2005 by directors Andrew Bujalski (Hannah Takes the Stairs, 2007) and the Duplasse brothers (The Puffy Chair, 2005). In the Mumblecore tradition, this film is produced with available resources during the pandemic, including post-production on available editing systems. Mumblecore methods and aesthetics, identified by film scholars Stefan Popescu and Amy Taubin, include low budget, DIY productions with understated direction of dialogue intensive scripts about daily life. Mumblecore cinematography utilizes natural lighting and realistic location sets. The genre allows for improvisation, with a heavy focus on the relationships between the characters, who are most often disaffected youth recently graduated from college and trying to make their way in the world. The film emphasizes realism, conveying this stylistic choice through natural lighting and coloring and minimal dialogue to draw attention to the inner life of the characters. Brayden captures realistic conflicts and interactions that speak to a target audience of college-age millennial viewers who identify with scenarios reflecting their everyday lives.

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Brayden Talks About Her Feelings
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