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Szenina Russo, FAR 471: Senior Seminar in Art History
Faculty Mentor: Professor Harriet Blitzer, Art & Design

The inspiration for my project started when I personally experienced the exhibit Menesunda while visiting the New Museum in New York. This was Marta Minujin’s installation on display in 2019, a re-creation from the installation of the 1960s. From this I developed an interest in researching Marta Minujín’s destruction of her own artistic work, and the subsequent re-creation, through the extensive use of secondary sources. Minujin's installations, videos, sculptures and happenings are meant to be experienced. Every artwork that Minujín has created has been based on issues in society, contemporary theories, or the lives of talented, intelligent individuals. Minujín befriended Andy Warhol when she began to spend years at a time in New York, and the artists influenced each other’s creative processes. Others who had a great impact on her life and art were the artists Alberto Greco, Jean Tinguely, Christo, Robert Rauschenberg and the philosopher Marshall McLuhan. Minujin as an artist is most interested in making others feel alive, understand what is going on in the world, and focus their attention toward positive or negative images in life. Marta Minujín is an artist who has not conveyed messages through traditional fine art. Her philosophy depends on the participation and involvement of the public. This affects the way that she creates, destroys and recreates her artistic projects.

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Arts and Humanities

Marta Minujín: From the Sixties to the Twenty-First Century
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