Storytime: A Solo Exhibition


Storytime: A Solo Exhibition


Emma Roberts



Emma Roberts, DES 414: Senior Seminar/Exhibition
Faculty Mentor: Professor Stan Friesen, Art & Design

Like most children, I had a vivid imagination growing up. I was constantly drawing and creating worlds, characters, and playing make-believe. I remember hearing Harold and the Purple Crayon, Dr. Seuss, and Where the Wild Things Are read to me as a child and being engrossed by the worlds the authors created. As I became older, I read more and more, but also found myself paying attention to the visuals. I was drawn to graphic novels and followed a vast array of illustrators online. I have been most inspired by illustrators Andy Ristaino and Lois Hannah, who have created beautiful, extensive worlds and characters. Their work has shown me how illustration can make the reader feel like part of a character’s life and what it’s like to share a world with them. To this day, whenever I read a book or view an illustrator’s work, I am fascinated by what they bring to the page; each one giving life to unique characters, settings, and storylines. And with that, I invite you to be drawn into a world that I have created and take part in the story before you.

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Storytime: A Solo Exhibition