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In this special Valentine's Day open mic, called "Love is a Four-Letter Word," David Landrey explains why romance is fleeting, but baseball pennants are forever; Andrew Tapp tries to keep from exploding across the page in his first poetic performance; Perry Nicholas wonders what happened to the crying girl with the flower tattoo; Jennifer Campbell finds agape among the Greek ruins; Buffalo State Professor of English Karen Sands-O'Connor attempts to buy a happy ending with chocolate coins; David Sipos's you-know-what is stolen by a bewitching kleptomaniac; Marcus Scott's grief forces him to choose between suicide and genocide; Christine Starkey wonders what makes lovers act stupid; Gregg Gerke offers to introduce his illegitimate daughter to peppermint schnapps; Sandrah Jardine takes tea for two; Rachel Johnson's heroine surveys virtual sexy naked sexy hottie; Lauren Giglia wishes there were a Wegman's in Utah; and finally, Lisa Forrest imagines flowers taking care of a little old man in her short essay, 'The Things We Carry.'



00:00 Podcast introduction by Dennis Reed (music: "I.L.O.V.E.Y.O.U." by Carl Cubbedge)
01:39 Lisa Forrest's introduction
02:09 David Landrey
05:03 Andrew Tapp
08:23 Perry Nicholas
11:20 Jennifer Campbell
14:06 Karen Sands-O'Connor
15:35 David Sipos
18:12 Marcus Scott
21:00 Christina Starkey
23:38 Gregg Gerke
29:13 Sandrah Jardine
32:18 Rachel Johnson
34:25 Lauren Giglia
36:55 Lisa Forrest
42:23 Podcast conclusion by Dennis Reed