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The theme of this open mic is 'Strange Bedfellows: Politics and Poetry.' In the next 45 minutes, David Landrey reads poems by David Budbill and Robert Creeley; Dennis Reed reads a poem of whose title is an unfortunate sight gag; Christina Wos Donnelly reads poems by Sarah Cleghorn and Lawrence Ferlinghetti; Peter Greico, in a new original poem, contemplates the efficacy of a poets' sex strike; Amanda Grace Fromm stands up for the rights of women; Jerome Joseph Gentes's imagination is sparked by the California wildfires; Buffalo State Philosophy and Humanities chair Dr. George Hole shares a few recollections of Buffalo's literary heyday, and reads a riveting poem about his experience as a cancer survivor; Lisa Forrest draws parallels between occupational therapy and the army; and finally, Josh Smith takes the podium.

Reading hosted by Lisa Forrest. Podcast recorded and hosted by Dennis Reed. Music courtesy of



00:00 Podcast introduction by Dennis Reed
01:13 Lisa Forrest introduces David Landrey
01:38 David Landrey
05:35 Dennis Reed
06:44 Christina Wos Donnelly
13:03 Peter Greico
20:00 Amanda Grace Fromm
23:41 "Politics Un Usual" by New 2 the Brain
24:50 Jerome Joseph Gentes
27:56 Dr. George Hole
38:08 Lisa Forrest
43:43 Josh Smith
46:20 Podcast conclusion by Dennis Reed