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Degree Name

Multidisciplinary Studies - Individualized Option, M.S.


Center for Studies in Creativity


J. Michael Fox

First Reader

Christina M. Belesovski


Project Abstract

Creative Classrooms to Teach and Learn Grammar Lessons for Middle School Students with the Design of TIM

This project focuses on creating a classroom as a learning environment to help to teach Middle school students at the level of 8th grade lessons on grammar. Also incorporated in this project will be the emphasis on the Torrance Incubation Model of Teaching and Learning (TIM).

E. Paul Torrance, better known as “the father of creativity” was quoted once saying, “tomorrow’s world will be vastly different for today’s children. They will do kinds of work that do not exist now. This will require abilities, skills, attitudes and information that we cannot imagin today” (Torrance, 1993, p. 159). Today’s world is massively different, it still does require creative skills and abilities to achieve success and academic goals. Creating a classroom space that is encouraging to learning is an important task for teachers as well as for the student to learn. The purpose of this project was not only to make the classroom an educational learning environment, but also to design lesson plans that create a positive classroom environment which promotes learning and creativity for the students and for the teacher. When the classroom is a comfortable, yet an enjoyable environment, it makes it easier for the student to feel comfortable and learn; as well as for the teacher to teach the lessons. Not every child learns the same, but we can certainly try.

Key Words: classrooms, creativity, lesson planning, middle school, TIM

Christina M. Belesovski

December 9, 2013