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Portrait Editors: Heather Mackert- Secretary Jessa Matteson - Treasurer Ja'Quona Renfro - Assistant Editor-in-Chief Spencer Miliotto - Editor-in-Chief Nathanael William Stolte - President Julio Montalvo Valentin - Vice-President Matthew Cohen Dunleavy Tim Georger Gerald Goodwin Taylor Koster Gabrielle LaBoy Chelsea Laforme Ali Lazik Marisa Marinelli Heidi Mclaughlin Clayton Pitcher Daniel Schleyer Faculty Advisors: Dr. Barish Ali Professor Kim Chinquee



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Jacob Herring, "Voices of Reason: Chaos and Nonsense"



Letter from the Editor

Portrait was founded on the Buffalo State campus as a creative outlet for students. It has appeared sporadically throughout the years, last reaching print in the mid-2000s. Portrait was revived last year, and many thanks go to the members of the faculty, in all departments, who helped (and continue to help) Portrait come into existence.

This revival of Portrait provides students the opportunity to be recognized for their creative work. Through Portrait, students are provided with a platform to share their voice with the minds of the Buffalo State College student body.

This magazine is made entirely from student work. Without you, there is no Portrait. It is you, the students, who actually make it what it is. Your efforts have directly led to the publication of the Spring 2018 edition of Portrait that is in your hands today.

With the support of the School of Arts and Humanities, the help of countless Buffalo State faculty and staff, and the efforts of our editorial staff, we present to you - Portrait.

Portrait 2018 Spring



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