Department Chair: Dermont Coffey


The study of physics provides an overview of the basic laws of nature and the science of matter and energy. Undergraduate students work closely with our experienced faculty and participate in hands-on experiments, labs, and tutorials to earn firsthand knowledge of this course of study. Our small class sizes promote direct interaction between students and professors and research opportunities are available.

The Physics Department offers several undergraduate programs from which to choose—including Physics, B.S., Physics, B.A., and Physics (Minor).

Our popular Physics Three-Two Engineering program allows students to complete two bachelor of science degrees—one in physics, one in engineering—within five years. We also have new master's programs for physics teachers. Learn more about the program and review the program requirements.

The physics program provides students with the tools and knowledge to further their studies or pursue a number of exciting careers. Many of our students go on to graduate school or careers in engineering and teaching. Alumni of the physics department have been employed by such recognized firms as Bird Electronic Corporation, Lucent Technology, and Xerox.

The physics department offers more than 60 courses each year.


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