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While there are many fine introductory statistics books, undergraduate students often continue to view statistics courses negatively. And many fear they will be unable to master the basic level of understanding that is essential to progress in their majors. The present text is an attempt to rethink what students majoring in the behavioral sciences absolutely must learn in an introductory statistics course and how best to organize the presentation of this material so they can succeed in their chosen field of study.

Every book is written from some perspective. The perspective of this book is that a first course in applied statistics is an introduction to a form of critical thinking as much as it is an introduction to a series of mathematically-based procedures. And this book emphasizes what a student will need to remember semesters, even years, in the future rather than focusing upon a cursory introduction to numerous techniques, many of which will soon be forgotten. Finally, this book is designed to provide a foundation upon which students can build if they take further statistics or methodology courses.

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Statistics and Probability

Indispensable Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences ~With SPSS 26