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I state about my work in one open-ended phrase: Searching for something within and beside oneself. This includes searching for companionship, friendship and life’s purpose. I explore such events through my work.

Affecting the forms and surfaces of figurative elements with unpredictable outcomes of process, reflecting psychology of my inconsistent pursuits and interactions.

My interest in the figure lies in the universality of its form. I select materials intuitively for their significance in appearance and idea. The fragment gives a notion of separation, while materials such as concrete give notion of weight and architectural formula. I use such materials as tools constructing objects, and through materials combined forming a narrative for a viewer to step inside.

In this piece I have created a structural frame around the figurative element. Each pair of arms stiffly dangles from the re-bar truss above it. The bolted together 6 x 6's and truss suggest rigid structure. The notion of the framework and the placement of the arms creates a sense of empathy for whoever owns the arms.


cast, iron, sculpture, art, contemporary, nor'easter, figure, body, installation